Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Candy Zebra.

Hoodie- Uniqlo, Top- Topshop, Trousers- Uniqlo

I had a small spending spree at uniqlo last weekend, I LOVE IT. As you can see my love for hoods continue, but the most important issue i must raise; what noise does a zebra make?


StuddedLilly said...

lovely blog! your hair is AMAZING! and the outfit from last post is beautiful :)


Liz said...

woah im jealous! i could never pull off those trousers but you make them seem so cool.

SophieGrace said...

Great blog :D

Margaret said...

you have the most beautiful hair :O
great hoodie too!
love your blog
great photos and posts!
stop by some time xx

Lola Candy Hans Harder said...

Uniqlo and Topshop ftw! <3

Erin Nicole said...

loove your outfit. i wish i had uniqlo near me :( oh and zebra's make the same sound as horses do lol. like a whinnying sound haha

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

LOVE your Uniqlo leggings, amazing! Your blog is great, definitely be back! come follow TBAG if you fancy, love xx