Monday, 15 March 2010

i'll be dancing.

So with the recent release of 'Telephone', the new tune from Lady Gaga featuring Beyonce, the debate rages on; Gaga - wonderful, or just plain weird?
Now i won't say too much on the video, for which you can find reviews on just about every gossip site on the web, other than Gaga has pulled it out of the bag once again. Each second is a crazy off-the-wall adventure (every 572 of them!) From both a fashion and an entertainment view it is fantastic, if you haven't already done so, definately check it out. It really is quite something.

What i really loved about the video was how Gaga-fied Beyonce was looking - so edgy and experiemental, nothing like the normally sweet-as-sugar Knowles we're used to!

Although, of course, the true star was the Lady herself (what else would you expect?!), who else could pull off chains and cigarette sunglasses?!

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inked said...

this video sealed the deal for my joy of lady gaga .. she's been ok til this!