Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Bonjour :)
The new kate moss for topshop range came onto the website today, and i darn like it! Its got quite a dark feel, and is mostly pinks, browns, blues and blacks. I have to say its alot more like kates personel styles then the past collections. Lots of beads, fur, feathers, fringing and leather - check it out on the website! i would post some of the clothes here, but this isnt my computer im using and ive gotta get off soon...

Also, did anyone catch the vmas last?! Russell brand was hilarious, although i realised most of america probably dont agree! His humour is very very british, sarcastic and light hearted! you really cant take things he says seriously or get offended by it, which is a shame cos on most forums or whatever i have read, americans seemed to really dislike him! It sucks though, cos i love him! Britney looked beautiful, AAAH i love her!

Anyway, i apolagize for having no outfit poast or whatever trevor. Yesterday my school did a 9 mile sponsered walk. NINE MILES! myfeet hurt just thinking abiut it.... :/

S'laterz xxx


DaisyChain said...

I am lusting after most of the Kate Moss collection,
damn shame I'm broke!

Daisy said...

I loveeee a lot of the kate moss things Ive seen! I am going to have to have a little shopping trip!

coco said...

9 miles is long. Think of the wonders it will have done to your legs though!

Demi said...

thank you for the comment on my blog =D thank you! i'm going to need it!! wow, nine miles...i dont think i would survive! x

Jenny H. said...

ahh i saw it on the website as well.
gahh its amazing.
i seriously am lusting after it.