Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Hey guys I’m back! It has been a long lonnngg time but I came back from my holiday and my laptop has a worm? Does anyone actually know what that means? Anyway it kinda freaks me out when I go on it because it there’s some strange radio station in the background telling me about football?! (That or I’m going crazy :P) anyway I’m on a different computer and can now and can share my pics!

We spent a few days in Switzerland (my cousins' two adorable cats!)

Then we went to Austria with them and it was AMAZING!!!
And then we went to France!

So overall it was a darn good holiday!

Now on the fashion side of things....

As chlozz rightly pointed out the kate moss for topshop collection is divine, but i wouldn't say the same for the celia birtwell collection. I suppose some of it is quite sweet in patchwork sort of way but not my cup of tea I'm afraid.

image credit : topshop.com

Everything from a/w warehouse is gorgeous especially their occasion & gothic romance collections...

image credits : warehouse.co.uk
H&M, best shop of all time, everything is lovely! lots of lovely colours, brights & blacks mixes that remind me of comic strips! and of course i think every single fashion blogger has gone slightly crazy over the rei kawakubo, comme de garcons collection!

image credit : hm.com
new look have their usual range of hits & misses.

image credits : newlook.co.uk

there are also some lovely things from zara but i cannot seem to find any pictures :(
one of which is an adorable leather brown bag!
anyway that all from me at the moment!
TTFN! (tata for now!)
kitty x

p.s. a d.i.y. post is on its way!


♥ fashion chalet said...

What a fun Holiday, indeed! :D

Thanks for your comment by the way. So lovely of you to say.

PS: I still have an N64 and a Super Nintendo. :)

xo/ fashion chalet

Danz said...

Wow, that sounds like a fantastic vacation! Glad you had a great time.

The Warehouse dress and skirt are so cute!

I'm currently running a contest on my blog to win a $25 gift certificate from a lovely online boutique. Hope you'll check it out! Enjoy your day tomorrow :)

coco said...

Fabulous photos. It looks like you had a great time.

emily said...

ahhhh, gorgeous pictures!

Wendy said...

I so want to vacation with you.

chlozzard said...

awww thanks:) I lost 200 of the pictures i took :( but ive still got 600 left!

Thea said...

It seems like you had a lovely holiday! But chicas- it's time to start blogging fulltime!!! More posts pleeease?? :)

Love the blog


ruby may said...

Hey welcome back! It sounds like you had a great time away! Isn't it lovely to come home again though?
The photos are great, those mountains look beautiful! x