Monday, 29 September 2008


aaah, sorry for the lack of posting!
golly gosh, have i been busy latly! ive had about 23 hours sleep since last saturday - i just havnt been able to fall asleep!
on friday i went to see the boy in the striped pyjamas with a couple of my friends. its an actually incredible film - we were all blubbering away! i definatly recomend you go see it if you get the chance, it really is moving.
on saturday night me and kitty went to nandos for our friends birthday then back to her house to drink bucks fizz, eat cake and play pictonairy, fun times had by all!
i had a picture of my outfit, but my goddamn camera keeps deleting photos when i try and put them on the computer! aaaah ill try and find them again later, or ill just recreate the outfit and take another photo :P

but for now, ill leave you with these few things that make me happy atm...

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Hey guys I’m back! It has been a long lonnngg time but I came back from my holiday and my laptop has a worm? Does anyone actually know what that means? Anyway it kinda freaks me out when I go on it because it there’s some strange radio station in the background telling me about football?! (That or I’m going crazy :P) anyway I’m on a different computer and can now and can share my pics!

We spent a few days in Switzerland (my cousins' two adorable cats!)

Then we went to Austria with them and it was AMAZING!!!
And then we went to France!

So overall it was a darn good holiday!

Now on the fashion side of things....

As chlozz rightly pointed out the kate moss for topshop collection is divine, but i wouldn't say the same for the celia birtwell collection. I suppose some of it is quite sweet in patchwork sort of way but not my cup of tea I'm afraid.

image credit :

Everything from a/w warehouse is gorgeous especially their occasion & gothic romance collections...

image credits :
H&M, best shop of all time, everything is lovely! lots of lovely colours, brights & blacks mixes that remind me of comic strips! and of course i think every single fashion blogger has gone slightly crazy over the rei kawakubo, comme de garcons collection!

image credit :
new look have their usual range of hits & misses.

image credits :

there are also some lovely things from zara but i cannot seem to find any pictures :(
one of which is an adorable leather brown bag!
anyway that all from me at the moment!
TTFN! (tata for now!)
kitty x

p.s. a d.i.y. post is on its way!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Bonjour :)
The new kate moss for topshop range came onto the website today, and i darn like it! Its got quite a dark feel, and is mostly pinks, browns, blues and blacks. I have to say its alot more like kates personel styles then the past collections. Lots of beads, fur, feathers, fringing and leather - check it out on the website! i would post some of the clothes here, but this isnt my computer im using and ive gotta get off soon...

Also, did anyone catch the vmas last?! Russell brand was hilarious, although i realised most of america probably dont agree! His humour is very very british, sarcastic and light hearted! you really cant take things he says seriously or get offended by it, which is a shame cos on most forums or whatever i have read, americans seemed to really dislike him! It sucks though, cos i love him! Britney looked beautiful, AAAH i love her!

Anyway, i apolagize for having no outfit poast or whatever trevor. Yesterday my school did a 9 mile sponsered walk. NINE MILES! myfeet hurt just thinking abiut it.... :/

S'laterz xxx

Thursday, 4 September 2008

The duchess

Kiera knightly, The Duchess Premiere

After lots of mmm-ing and aaaah-ing over this dress, i have decided im not too keen. i like the colour and the bows are cute, but the netting i think just looks tacky and like it should be on a halloween costume. And i think it would of looked nicer with maybe some peep toe shoes? Opinions?

Anyways, school is going alright i think... had my 1st latin lesson today, it went ok :) Kitty's back from holiday, and should hopefully be posting soon. :)

Having been on the netball team since year 5, both at my primary and secondary schools, im a little obsessed with making sure i stay on, and this year the team go to australia for a week! (!!!!). But what with the credit crunch etc, my parents wont be able to afford to let me go, so my grandma says she'll pauy for some and i need to pay for some, so im finally gonna have to get some sort of job and stop spending money! aaah life sucks :P

On the plus side, i lost 7 pounds! Ciao! xxxx

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

back to school

back to school tomorow.
erlack, erlack, erlack

ive been wearing this shirt waaaaaay too much recently... i blocked out my face cos i look like a wierdo :P i found these red wedges i9n ther back of my cupboard, i bought them lastyear and i havnt really worn them much so i thought i would.... i love finding old shoes!

probs not much postage foer the rest of this week, i'm actually gonna do some work at school this year!