Monday, 25 August 2008

wet wet wet!

so my weekend was good, but not without some FASHION TRAGEDY!
ok well im totally overacting :P but on saturday our tent leaked and me and my mums suitcases both got soaked throuhg meaning we had absolutly no clothes! i ended up wearing the same jeans all weekend, my dads coat and a my sisters t-shirts, so no photos of outfits unfortuantly.

urgh... today i had one of them hormonal days where all i do is sit in bed, eat chocolate, watch friends and think alot. on these days, i think ive met the most perfect guy in the world, but it seems nothing will happen because of silly little things. anyway, will keep you posted :)
anyway, this is what i wore a few days ago when it was very cold, the boots are my mums that i keep stealing cos i like them :) my face was wierd in this picture :P



DaisyChain said...

I'm having a hormonal day too.
I love your outfit,
it looks so..cute and like something I can never, ever pull off myself.

choppyshades said...

nice outfit. i can see why you keep stealing those boots!

The Clothes Horse said...

Pretty dress. Too bad about the leak in your tent! That would be so unfortunate.

Fashionably Early said...

cool outfit =D
i love your blog, can i link you on mine please?

Wendy said...

Love it when I see cute dress with boots!

Sammie said...

I love the outfit, haha I'd be stealing those boots too!

Thea said...

I LOVE THAT OUTFIT. And the whole hormonal day thing is a love/hate thing for me. LOVE eating chocolate and watching friends, hate being depressed and emo.
I've been gone from the blogging world for a while now!!! :( But I'm coming back strong pretty soon!

Thea said...

Wow... You're room is so tidy..

Thea said...

I commented this one two times!! I mean... 3!!