Thursday, 14 August 2008

oh my GOK!

Hiya :)

I expect most british people who ever watch channel 4 in the evenings will have heard of gok wan. If you havnt he's a very camp stylist who does a couple of fashiony type shows; "how to look good naked" and "goks fashion fix".

I never really made an effort to watch how to look good naked, it was alot like 10 years younger and trinny and susannah, but goks fashion fix has been running for a few weeks now and i absolutely love it!

" Gok's Fashion Fix looks at everything from designer style to high street chic, and gets up close and personal with celebs and the public, culminating in the crowning of the UK's most stylish person. " or so the website says.

Each week is a different theme, ending a fashion faceoff. Gok has to create 4 looks with this theme using only high street shops, and 4 looks using all designer brands. Occasionally the designer side is better but i think the crowd routes for him 'cos they love 'im ( who doesn't :P)

Another thing i love about the show is Gok's "no mercy" policy with all the clothes. He's just like; right that is hideous, off it goes! *RIIIIPPP* and the way he tries to change things by making the model wear them upsidedown haha..

PLUS alexa chung :)

these are few of my favorite high street outfits ;

Chlozzard xxx


DaisyChain said...

I adore Gok, I want to give him a great big hug =)

Victoria-Olivia said...

Ahhh I love Gok, most of all because he can make women feel great about their body and how they look.
Oh the skirt in my post is primark!

Katie Rosemary said...

I love Gok... I want a mini version of him to carry around with me and tell me I'm "faaabulous darling" whenever I'm feeling low.
I like the show too... and I liked the second look you pictured until he put the godawful bumbag-majig on it. Looked much better without!

Naomi said...

i keep missing it!! mut watch this week!!!

Emily Rose~Loves Cheerios! said...

arrRr Gok what a Legend. Of course one of the best bits of the show is the amazing 'Arrrrgggrrrr FASHION!' I especially liked this weeks show with the cute bobble hat :)

Thea said...

AHH. I happen to live in stupid Norway and Goks fashion Fix hasn't aired here!!! On the other hand we DO have How to look Naked, and it is a pretty good show, and I love how he makes every body type look beautiful.


lalaliu said...

he sounds so funny!! i wanna watch! lol.

kirsty said...

i do love gok, but i find him getting a bit repetitive at the moment! plus, some weeks the designer side should have won!!! you can always tell which sides was gok's because what's an outfit without... a waist belt!!! i swear to god he puts a belt on near on every. single. outfit. even when it looks ridiculous! rant over now sorry!