Saturday, 30 August 2008

nan you're a window shopper..

this is what i wore yesterday to do a spot of window shopping, the leather jacket is my dads from the 80s. its kinda of a wierd shape and is really battered but i like it :)
urgh, school starts again soon. urgh.
ps. am i the only one who puts kisses on the end of comments on blogs?? i have a feeling i use facebook way too much...


BHH said...

Nice outfit!

saray said...

Love the outfits - your dad jacket is fab!

i don't really like window shopping - cause that makes me want to shop!

and i sometimes put kisses in the end of a comment..


(that makes me feel like i'm from gossip girl)

sydneydoll said...

lily allen : )

you look really good.

i have decreased my facebook use.
im so proud of myself.
i dont use kisses there either
i used to but i stopped.

Erin said...

I love that jacket, especially with the plaid shirt!

the tea drinking english rose said...

love the outfit!!!!!!!

ps... not sure about the kisses thing, sometimes i do it without thinking.

here you go though... xXx

Nita-Karoliina said...

no you are not the only one! i do it sometimes too!
do u wanna change links? i love your style, that plaid,jeans,leather is LOVE!

just inform me on my blog :)

fritha louise said...

Love the jacket!
I keep meaning to get another leather jacket but they're so expensive. If only my first one hadn't got ripped by a fat boy at school.
Or my second one stolen..

rather-robyn said...

Love the jacket, its chunky in a good way, looks great! Your photo on your profile thing reminds me of Sloan Peterson from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, if you've seen it? (This is a good thing, she is cool)

Katie Rosemary said...

Ah I like the jacket! I'm always scouring for a vintage one but they're always HUGE and not in a good way. Yours looks mint!
And I only ever put kisses in texts for some reason :/ but only to friends... not to my boyfriend! Ha... oh dear

ruby may said...

Heyy thanks for the comment! Um 1. yes I have a nintendo 64 in australia- it's fucking the best ever
2 I do put kisses at the end of comments
3. I think that schoo, startin g is fun don't you?
4 this guy called me a window shopper in new york haha! it was the best funniest no-shit thing ever.
xxx ruby

Victoria-Olivia said...

Ohh such a nice outfit, the jacket is a great find! I can say my dad does not have any jackets that nice, lucky girl.

Danz said...

Cool outfit...I love that jacket! I've been wanting a great motorcycle leather jacket for a while now but I haven't found any as yet.

Thanks for your comment. Would you like to trade links?

DaisyChain said...

I put kisses sometimes, when I remember!
Adore your outfit.