Saturday, 2 August 2008


hi my name kiko im a 56 year old swedish dwarf, in my spare time i enjoy chess, trainspotting and skinny dipping...

only kidding! actually im chloe, an english teenager. im probably your very typical middle class indie kid, and i thought id start a fashion blog because i read so many and i take way to many photos :) i dont suppose anyone will read this, but you never know! im into music, im never without my ipod and i go to an awful lot of gigs. i spend most of my money on clothes and magazines - somthing my mum is never too pleased about! i like parties and i have huge messy hair and a very messy bedroom. i think fashion should be used as a way of expressing yourself and i love to dress up. im a bit of a harry potter and a mighty boosh geek, when im older id like to be an actress or a journalist - somthing creative! i tend to not do as im told, but im very laid back and not too bothered about what people think of me. :)


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sydneydoll said...

i read it all : )

i dont do what people say either.hehe
so many stories about

i dont care what most people think either.
its silly obsessing over it.