Saturday, 30 August 2008

nan you're a window shopper..

this is what i wore yesterday to do a spot of window shopping, the leather jacket is my dads from the 80s. its kinda of a wierd shape and is really battered but i like it :)
urgh, school starts again soon. urgh.
ps. am i the only one who puts kisses on the end of comments on blogs?? i have a feeling i use facebook way too much...

Thursday, 28 August 2008


" Sky1 has confirmed that Project Catwalk will not be returning for a fourth season.

Channel controller Richard Woolfe hinted at the Edinburgh International TV Festival that the show had reached a conclusion and would be replaced by other female-skewing shows in the lineup.

"What we really need are some female-friendly formatted shows," he said. "8pm is a real opportunity. We're doing really well at 9pm and 10pm but I'd really like to see some long-running returnable series. We've done three seasons of Catwalk; I want some other shows for that slot."

A spokesperson for the channel has subsequently confirmed that the series will not return because it "had come to a natural end". "


Monday, 25 August 2008

wet wet wet!

so my weekend was good, but not without some FASHION TRAGEDY!
ok well im totally overacting :P but on saturday our tent leaked and me and my mums suitcases both got soaked throuhg meaning we had absolutly no clothes! i ended up wearing the same jeans all weekend, my dads coat and a my sisters t-shirts, so no photos of outfits unfortuantly.

urgh... today i had one of them hormonal days where all i do is sit in bed, eat chocolate, watch friends and think alot. on these days, i think ive met the most perfect guy in the world, but it seems nothing will happen because of silly little things. anyway, will keep you posted :)
anyway, this is what i wore a few days ago when it was very cold, the boots are my mums that i keep stealing cos i like them :) my face was wierd in this picture :P


Thursday, 21 August 2008


So tomorow im off for the weekend to greenbelt festivalalalala. it took me a whole 2 days to try and pack, just cos i kept changing my mind on what to wear!
in the end i decided
- my "travelling and 1st day" outfit would be black skinnies, mans plaid shirt and red pumps, rather like agyness deyn wore to t4 on the beach.
- 2nd day outfit consists of black high-waisted shorts, black biker boots and white vest
- 3rd day is gonna be black topshop dress, blue oversized cardy and black pumps
- travelling and final day outfit is blakc skinnies, white oversized tshirt and black pumps.

im so organized! although undoubtedly this will all be screwed up by day 2 by the weather and such :P so ive taken lots of spare clothes and my big ol' jumper! and i kinda hope it rains so i can wear my wellies and knee high sock combo :)

look at duffy shaking her tooshy! and im completly adore lovefoxx! i saw her and css live at latitude last year and they were immense, she really is just so cool!
see you guys when i get back!
chlozzard xx

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Best top in the world?

Bonjour :)
last month i bought this top from topshop for £15. its quite a cool shape, its long at the back and shorter at the front and it looks like someone just cut it at the bottom instad of doing it nice and neastly.. god im so great at selling this tshirt :P
bu you have to see it in real life to understand the coolness of it. my dad claims to have had one just like it in the 80s... :P
anyway, i have worn it with pretty much everything and im already thinkin i may have worn it out! and now in topshop they have loads of different colours and differnt slogans. i realy like the colour of the one i have now so i migh get the "love my bones" one. trouble with the pretty vacant one is that, unless people know the sex pistols song they just look at me like im a bit odd.
the text in the backgroun is all about computer science or sumit' which is a little on the random side...
anyway, i plan to buy another one, probably the same one. also they do plain ones, i might buy one of them write someone of my own on it...
any ideas to what i should write?

chlozzard xxxx

Thursday, 14 August 2008

oh my GOK!

Hiya :)

I expect most british people who ever watch channel 4 in the evenings will have heard of gok wan. If you havnt he's a very camp stylist who does a couple of fashiony type shows; "how to look good naked" and "goks fashion fix".

I never really made an effort to watch how to look good naked, it was alot like 10 years younger and trinny and susannah, but goks fashion fix has been running for a few weeks now and i absolutely love it!

" Gok's Fashion Fix looks at everything from designer style to high street chic, and gets up close and personal with celebs and the public, culminating in the crowning of the UK's most stylish person. " or so the website says.

Each week is a different theme, ending a fashion faceoff. Gok has to create 4 looks with this theme using only high street shops, and 4 looks using all designer brands. Occasionally the designer side is better but i think the crowd routes for him 'cos they love 'im ( who doesn't :P)

Another thing i love about the show is Gok's "no mercy" policy with all the clothes. He's just like; right that is hideous, off it goes! *RIIIIPPP* and the way he tries to change things by making the model wear them upsidedown haha..

PLUS alexa chung :)

these are few of my favorite high street outfits ;

Chlozzard xxx

Sunday, 10 August 2008

I'm all lost in the supermarket

hello! sorry for the lack of posting, ive been doing a drama thingy all week and kitty is just plain lazy :P

anyway, yesterday we went for a big ol' shopping trip to ipswich where there is not only a primark but also a H&M which colchester lacks compltely, which sucks! but this is what i got...

This tshirt from txmaxx, and the skirt from h&m. this is what i wore today, also :)

these braclets for £1 in primark (!) which i really needed some of for when i go back to school (oh the joys of not wearing proper school uniform :P) and a pair of new black skinnies as my old ones wernt skinny enough anymore!!

i also tried on a pair of black high waisted shorts that were only £3 but unfortuantly they were a bit too big, but instead i bought them for my sister for her birthday in a few weeks time instead :)

a few days ago this blazer came in the post that i bought from ebay... sorry this isnt the best photo of it. Anyway, i was really excited about getting it as it was a right bargain, but when i tried it on, not only was it milesto big but also really very 80s! it had huge shoulders pads and was very sort of "power dressing"... so that was a bit of a disappointement.

also, we really are grateful for your comments so far, thanks! :)

chlozz xx

ps,, if you get the chance watch this video and the other couple of parts to it.. it was on the tv a while back now but evry time i watch it it gets funnier and funnier! I LOVE NOEL FIELDING!

Saturday, 2 August 2008


hi my name kiko im a 56 year old swedish dwarf, in my spare time i enjoy chess, trainspotting and skinny dipping...

only kidding! actually im chloe, an english teenager. im probably your very typical middle class indie kid, and i thought id start a fashion blog because i read so many and i take way to many photos :) i dont suppose anyone will read this, but you never know! im into music, im never without my ipod and i go to an awful lot of gigs. i spend most of my money on clothes and magazines - somthing my mum is never too pleased about! i like parties and i have huge messy hair and a very messy bedroom. i think fashion should be used as a way of expressing yourself and i love to dress up. im a bit of a harry potter and a mighty boosh geek, when im older id like to be an actress or a journalist - somthing creative! i tend to not do as im told, but im very laid back and not too bothered about what people think of me. :)